Adsa Ministries in Pakistan

Here is the urgent request we received recently:

Dear Pastor Helen,
Greetings in Christ.......
Sorry for late reply I was out of station.

Every time situation are changing regarding the Van. The owner lady got visa for UK and She also going to move for UK in few days.

She wants to fix this deal with us immediately. Her son drop $500 more for us and asking for just $2,000 for the Van.

Now we have to pay $2,000 for the Van and have $418 church fund.

These funds comes from tremendous ways. But still we need $1,582.

This is our last chance to get this Van. Because time is short and we do not have enough sources to get this amount.

The lady is working on her ticket to fly for UK. After getting the confirmation of ticket She will Sale out the VAN if We could not pay her the full amount of $2,000.

Please keep pray for this blessing.

I am really afraid to ask you that can you help us to get this Van. We need $1,582 to get this VAN.

This is our last chance to get this VAN.

I have attach some photos of this van.

God bless you.

Waiting for your reply.

Pastor Ansab

Update - 3/10/2009

In an update email from Pakistan, along with new pictures, Pastor Ansab says: (the seller) dropped the price (of the van) in half and has given them time to make two payments to the mother of the man who had owned the van.

The amount they need to raise is $1500 in US dollars. They have raised $200 in their church that is very poor.



Dear Pastor Helen Cambra

Greeting in Christ...

I believe that you are fine and doing well in His harvest. I am thank full to keep me,my family,my ministry in your prayers.I also appreciate your encouragements to push me forward.

It is also a blessing that through your prayers unexpected doors are opening.God really wants to add his blessing unto us as He promise in His words.

But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.(Luke 12:31).

Dear Pastor, in december 2008 before Christmas we took a van on rent for Carroll singing and Good News meetings in different areas of Multan. Through these meetings many saved and as well our team got a new experience of Holy spirit. We took the van for five days. During those days i met the owner of Van. He is Muslim.

He asked me the purpose of use the Van for 5 days. First I hesitated to tell him that we are christian and want to use your van for ministry work. Because mostly Muslims does not like to use their thing for our church purpose. But God encourage me to tell him the purpose and i told him. When he heard that we are christian and want to use his van for ministry work he gave us in very low rent. He also requested me and my team to pray for him. He told us the purpose that he applied for the immigration to UK in 2007 but could not get.

He applied again in 2008 with his family. But he was worried about it.So we prayed for him and asked him to believe on Jesus.

At the end of january i received a call from him that he get the immigration to UK with his family.Praise God. He was excited and asked me to meet him.Last week he called me again and force me to visit him.So last friday i planned to visit.

When i visit i shocked that the Muslim man was asking me to gift his van to my church and ministry.

He is going to UK on 10 march and want to sale his van. But when he plan to sale God put in his heart and he decided to talk with me.If he sale his van in market he can get at least $9000. But his need is $2500 from van because he is selling his house also.

Therefor he decided to give his Van($9000) in $2500 because he believe that through our prayers he get the immigration.

It is really a blessing that we can get costly van in very low rate and thanks God that He prepared a Muslim man to make this offer to our church.

This Van will be a great blessing for our ministry. This Van will carry our team with instruments for street ministry, evangelism, outreach ministry and a big need that we can bring our cell groups from different areas of Multan City in our sunday service to providing them free transport. This van will be used for those people who are unable to reach churches because of no transport. This van have a capacity of 18 to 20 people.

But unfortunately we do not have any fund to pay this amount. But believe on God.
If God speaks to you and you feel that this Van become a great blessing for our church and ministry Please support us. We have to pay this amount before 5 March.
Your support will become a great blessing for us.

I attach photos of van during in our use.
Hope to hear from you.

God bless you.

Pastor Ansab

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