Partnership Opportunities

This is a new day for becoming a partner with what God is opening before us in Global Mission.

God has opened new doors with broader needs than ever before. Without our partners, we cannot step through the immediate doors of opportunity in Pakistan, Nigeria and India.

  • Pakistan Bible School,
  • Nigeria Training Centers and conferences,
  • India training and equipping Pastors,
  • missionaries and Christian leaders.

Read the incredible stories of projects and ministry we have been able to assist and upcoming missions team to Guatemala, Casa Angelina Orphanage in November and Nigeria in March………

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Because of people's donations and a mission team willing to go .... Global Mission was part.....

  • of a ministry van for Pakistan and now the birthing of a Bible college in a very violable part of the world where there is no Bible school. This school will train and equip pastors and leaders. Christians are being killed and their homes burned.
  • of training and Equipping in Nigeria with missionaries from various African Countries. Pastor David Ina is a powerful catalyst in helping equip ministry leaders, pastors and missionaries. A young man of incredible vision.


  • help in establishing learning and equipping Libraries in various parts of Nigeria.
  • help an Orphanage in Guatemala that has a vision to house and school 500 orphans and let them grow in a loving home atmosphere and the sense of knowing they always have a home.
  • help orphanages in Africa …. people dedicating their lives to rescue and create a home for abandoned children giving them love and security in Jesus.

God has opened the world to us with a broader call. One that is certainly beyond us, if we lean to our own understanding, but God says, "all things are possible"! God would not put this before us, if, He did not intend for us to respond to these great needs and the Macedonian call that is also coming in from parts of India, Philippines and other parts of Africa.

This is a time as God leads and with your help, we can literally reach into the world. The only way we can respond to these Macedonian cries of help is as God would speak to hearts that answer, "yes I will help"

  • You can have an interactive part as we focus projects on our web page.
  • Check out our web page to see what's happening and what is upcoming.

Thank you for joining this vital team of reaching, going and sending into the utter most parts of the world … as well as our own Jerusalem's. Acts 1:8

How to donate

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Past Missions Opportunities …….

Over the past decade Global Mission partners and teams members have been able to accomplishing much, in our local area, Guatemala and Russia under the 501c3 covering of our local church.

Global Mission's projects and mission trips in Guatemala with Guatemala Missionaries and Pastors.

  • medical and clothing clinics,
  • children’s ministry, workshops for women and men.
  • daily evening services preaching the word
  • ministering in music and altar services.
  • ministry vehicles, building churches & homes.
  • food baskets and distributions.
  • assisted Russian Project with Elena Burkinskaya and Helping Hands Ministry to process donations for the orphans and street children’s school in Chita, Siberia that Elena Founded.

Elena spent 6 months in the US with us to learn how to develop a Christian school for these precious Russian Children.

  • assist Rejoice in Praise worship minister Joyce LaBuda with conferences, workshops, retreats, services. Joyce’s ministry in using the arts of dance and movement in worship has been greatly received in and out of the USA.
  • present workshops, with Family Foundation International. This effort helped to lay the foundation for this ministries to grow and develop in the Treasure Valley Area.
  • direct Ministry Training workshop “Preparing to Go”. This is a critical time of training for teams preparing to go on mission’s trips. A prepared team is a more effective team.
  • sponsor new ministry development.
  • assist outreach ministries to provide conferences, workshops and special meetings.
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A Decade of Ministry
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Medical Clinics
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Nigeria, Africa
MACON conferences
Linked Arms …
Bucherest, Romania
ministry to street sewer children with Maps for MaMa’s
Japan with Heart Beat Ministry
Russia with Prepare the way International
University of the Nations Missions Builders, Kona, Hawaii
Workshops FFI
Rejoice in Praise
Dance Worhip
His Touch Family Ministries Israel
Stepping Out of the Box
Lesha’s Mission Journey
Panama YWAM, Panama